How to get to Prato

Monash University Prato Centre, housed in Palazzo Vaj - in the centre of the old town of Prato. Only two minutes from the city's cathedral and walking distance from both train stations (Prato Porta Al Serraglio and Prato Centrale).

Information about Prato's Train connections

Prato is well connected by train to;

  • Florence (30 mins)
  • Bologna (1 hour)
  • Pisa (1 ½ hours) 
  • Lucca (1 hour)
  • Rome (2 hours)
  • Venice and Milan (3 hours)

Please use the following link to view train routes and times -

Need to know how to get to Prato from Florence?
  • Florence airport (Peretola) to Prato will take you approximately 25 minutes by car or 40 minutes by bus.
  • A taxi fare, one way between Florence and Prato will cost between 40 - 50 Euro - depending on the time of travel.
  • Bus services are available by either CAP or Lazzi bus-company, which departs every 15 minutes, located just outside the airport area (located on the main street). You can either purchase your ticket from a newsagency (Tavacchi) or on board the bus. The stop you will need to get off at is called, Via del Ceppo Vecchio, in front of the Lazzeriniana Library. The remaining part of the trip is in walking distance. Please use the following link to view map;

Need to know how to get to Prato from Bologna?

Bologna Centrale station is approximately 1 hour from Prato, the Bologna Airport is an additional 30 minute bus or taxi ride. For more information, see the Bologna Airport website.

Need to know how to get to Prato from Pisa?

Pisa Airport is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from Prato by train, or a bus will trip will take approximately 70 minutes (Terravision bus from Firenze Santa Maria Novella Station, Florence). For more information, see the Pisa Airport website and the Terravision bus website.

All of the above airports have services for Italian and European connections.

For street maps and route itineraries, please visit Viamichelin or googlemaps

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