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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the next MedVetPathogens conference will now be held in 2021 within the 18th-century Palazzo Vaj in the old town region of Prato. Prato is at the foothills of Monte Retaia and only 20km/30-minute train journey from Florence. The conference is an invaluable source of information on animal, human and zoonotic infections and our focus is on bacterial pathogenesis, antibiotic resistance mechanisms and infection control. We support the One Health ethos and consider all pathogens are within an evolutionary continuum and that any differences between human and veterinary pathogens are the consequence of niche and host adaptive processes.  Research that leads to improved antimicrobial stewardship is an essential component of this ethos and in 2021 we again welcome contributions that report on antimicrobial resistance and the development of novel antimicrobials. We warmly welcome all international delegates from research, educational and organizational backgrounds to join the MedVetPathogen conference community in Prato in October 2021.

See you there!

Marina Harper and Thomas J. Inzana (Co-chairs, MedVetPathogens 2021)